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Guidelines for Grant Proposals in the Performing Arts Program

The Foundation supports performing arts organizations in the City of New York, principally, but not exclusively, in the borough of Manhattan. It does not give grants to individuals. Only publicly supported organizations described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code are invited to submit proposals. The Foundation also does not make grants to fiscal agents for the benefit of individual artists or organizations that are not publicly supported and tax exempt.

The Foundation's primary mission is to support major dance, music and theatre companies of national or international importance. In accordance with the wishes of its founders, the Foundation continues to be a major supporter of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and many of its constituent organizations. The Foundation also provides support to a broad range of performing arts producing organizations in New York City, as well as local presenting organizations that have the requisite expertise, knowledge and artistic judgment to present groups or individuals, new works, or a varied repertoire that will enhance the aesthetic and intellectual life of New York.

An important but ancillary part of our mission is to support performing arts organizations or special projects deemed to be of significant merit, regardless of their size or budget, which contribute to the presentation, creation, development, understanding or enjoyment of artistic works. As part of this mission, we will fund smaller or emerging organizations whose work is interesting and noteworthy and we will provide support for groups or activities that serve diverse or ethnic audiences and which contribute to a better understanding of New York's many cultures. The Foundation also supports a limited number of professional education and development programs for students pursuing the performing arts as a career, and for young professionals. The Foundation no longer accepts applications for arts-in-education programs at the primary and secondary level.

The Foundation will consider requests for general operating, project and season support. Requests for capital or building projects or endowment campaigns are not generally funded.

While we welcome applications for support from our Performing Arts Program, applicants should be aware that the Foundation receives many more requests for support than it can possibly fund and most applications are not successful.

The approach to the Foundation should be made by application addressed to the Performing Arts Committee. This proposal should include the following:

1. A description, not exceeding three typewritten pages, which   

  • Your organization's history and artistic mission,
  • Your artistic achievements, recent activities, and plans for the immediate future,
  • The principal organizational and artistic challenges that you face,
  • The amount of your annual budget,
  • A description of the activity for which you are requesting funds,
  • For all applicants who receive production 'enhancement' or commercial underwriting of performances or productions, please include for the previous year and the year of your grant request, 1) the number of productions or performances "enhanced" by any source, whether corporate or individual with regard to future rights and commercial intent; and 2) the total amount of "enhancement money" received by your organization in the fiscal years under review.

2. An attachment showing the names of your principal individual and institutional funders,

3. An attachment showing the names and affiliations of your board members,

4. Brief biographies of your principal artistic staff and administrators,

5. A current organizational budget,

6. A copy of your latest audited financial report, and

7. A copy of your organization's tax exemption letter - 501 (c)(3) - from the Internal Revenue Service.

If you wish, you may also submit other supporting materials such as brochures, audio and videotapes, or annual reports. Please do not submit musical scores. Indicate clearly if you wish any materials to be returned to you.

The Performing Arts Committee meets quarterly in mid March, June, September, and December. To be eligible for consideration at a meeting of the Committee, an application must be delivered and in the office no later than the end of the 1st business day of the month in which a meeting is to be held. A meeting of the Board of Directors is held the following month. Within two weeks of this meeting, you may be informed that your request for funding has been declined, postponed for consideration at a future quarterly meeting of the Committee, or approved for a grant.

If you have applied to the Performing Arts Program before, whether or not your application was successful, we ask that you wait one year from the date of your last application before resubmitting.


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