$180,000 | 24 Months
American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Steve Smith
"Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship Program Grants"

The program will support five New York City fellowship training programs in hospice and palliative medicine, which will involve clinical experiences, specialized curriculum, and faculty supervision.
Project Start Date: December 2013



$175,000 | 30 Months
Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders Association, Inc.

Jed Levine
"Palliative Care for Advanced Dementia: Training and Implementation"

The project will improve care for dementia patients by training employees according to a model of comfort-based care.
Project Start Date: July 2012



$200,000 | 24 Months

Marcia Konrad
"Carmel Richmond PACE Center"

This program will expand PACE to Staten Island, in order to integrate health care and social services, and to help the elderly remain at home.
Project Start Date: May 2013



$200,000 | 24 Months
The Brooklyn Hospital Center
Elizabeth Bonetti
"Palliative Care Consulting Service Nurse Manager"

This grant funds the addition of an Advance Practice Nurse into the Palliative Care Consulting Service.
Project Start Date: June 2014



$221,000 | 36 Months
Calvary Hospital
Frank Calamari
"Palliative Home Care Pilot Project"

This project will work towards providing effective and direct palliative care in the home of patients with cancer or other potentially life-limiting illnesses.

Project Start Date: October 2010

Note: This project had a temporary hiatus.



$187,500 | 36 Months
The Carter Burden Center for the Aging, Inc.
William Dionne
"Volunteer Services Expansion Program"

This program will restructure the Volunteer Services department and hire a Director of Volunteerism in order to better meet the needs of seniors in East Harlem.
Project Start Date: March 2014



$70,000 | 12 Months
Center for Hearing and Communication
Nancy Nadler
"Center for Hearing and Aging"

This program will increase participation in hearing loss treatments for older adults.
Project Start Date: September 2014



$200,000 | 24 Months
Common Ground
Brenda Rosen
"ECHO (Elder Care Health Outreach) Initiative"

ECHO is a joint two-year pilot program of Common Ground (CG) and the Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS) to test a discrete roster of complementary services meant to promote a more successful aging in place at supportive housing sites in New York City.
Project Start Date: June 2013



$75,000 | 36 Months
Concerts in Motion
Jennifer Finn
"Self-Sustaining Fundraising Model"

This project will develop a self-sustaining fundraising model to help the program to continue to expand.
Project Start Date: January 2014



$206,000 | 24 Months
Cornell University- Weill Medical College

Jo Anne Sirey
"Mental Health Needs Assessment and Services for Elderly Crime Victims"

This project will integrate psychosocial evaluations and mental health interventions into elder abuse services.
Project Start Date: August 2014



$90,000 | 36 Months
Fordham University

Manoj Pardasani
"ISC Evaluation"

The program will create a system for monitoring and evaluating the impact of participation on seniors for the eight newly formed Innovative Senior Centers (ISC).
Project Start Date: May 2012



$85,000 | 40 Months
Fordham University

Irene A. Gutheil
"Palliative Care Fellows"

This program will provide fellowships for masters level social workers in palliative care.
Project Start Date: March 2013



$75,000 | 36 Months
Hartley House

Nicole Cicogna
"Home Outreach Program for Elders (HOPE)"

This project will expand the existing HOPE program in order to provide more seniors with money management and care management services.  The grant will allow Hartley House to hire a part-time Case Manager.



$200,000 | 24 Months
HHC Foundation of New York City

Susan Cohen
“Palliative Care Fellowship”

This project will fund the addition of a fellow in Hospice and Palliative Medicine at Bellevue Hospital Center, which will provide palliative care education for residents and a greater level care to patients.
Project Start Date: July 2013



$112,000 | 24 Months
Hudson Guild, Inc.

Alisa Robbins
“In My Language: Mental & Physical Wellness Services for Chinese-Speaking Seniors”

This program will hire a Chinese speaking social worker to provide mental health and related services.
Project Start Date: May 2013



$200,000 | 24 Months
Isabella Geriatric Center

Mark J. Kator
"Isabella’s Partnership with PHI: A Skills-Based Approach to Person-Centered Care"

This program will improve person-centered long term care by training staff in communication, collaboration, self-management, and leadership.
Project Start Date: December 2012



$136,000 | 24 Months
Jewish Community Center of Staten Island

Megan Campbell
"Bridge to Care"

This program will enhance access to food and services for homebound and/or disconnected seniors in Staten Island.
Project Start Date: March 2013



$212,000 | 24 Months
Jewish Home Lifecare

Kenneth Boockvar
"Delirium Prevention Program"

The program will assess and treat the primary risk factors for delirium, in order to prevent delirium and to determine the impact and cost savings of the program in the nursing home.
Project Start Date: September 2012



$213,000 | 24 Months
Jewish Home Lifecare

Gregory Poole-Dayan
"Geriatric Substance Abuse Recovery Program"

The program will integrate medical rehabilitation and substance abuse recovery services for elders in order to reduce readmissions, improve quality-of-care, and improve identification of older adults with substance abuse issues.
Project Start Date: July 2014 



$200,000 | 24 Months
Lutheran Medical Center

Beth Raucher
“Developing a Culturally-Competent, Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Program”

This project will create a palliative care model that will help create an institutional culture that values palliative care.
Project Start Date: December 2013



$220,000 | 36 Months
Maimonides Medical Center

Barbara Paris
“Safe at Home Program”

This program seeks to maintain frail high-risk elderly during the transitional period from hospital discharge to home by providing coordinated, comprehensive care by a team of healthcare professionals.
Project Start Date: March 2009



$215,000 | 24 Months
Montefiore Medical Center
Jessica Zwerling
Geriatric Neurology Center

This program will enable the hiring of a social worker/care coordinator to assess patients with memory and gait disorders and to educate the care providers on creating a treatment plan.
Project Start Date: February 2014



$256,000 | 36 Months
Mount Sinai Medical Center

Rosanne Leipzig
“Making an IMPACT: Treating Depression in an Academic Geriatric Primary Care Setting”

This program will use the IMPACT model of care in order to reach patients with behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.
Project Start Date: December 2010



$120,000 | 36 Months
Museum of Modern Art

Francesca Rosenberg
“Prime Time”

This program will develop a model for how museums can support a fulfilling aging process with programming that fosters creativity and connectedness.
Project Start Date: July 2014



$133,500 | 36 Months
New York Legal Assistance Group, Inc. (NYLAG)

Randye Retkin
“The Montefiore Senior Advocacy Project”

NYLAG will partner with Montefiore in order to expand the Hospital's legal services for elderly patients, which will involve opening two LegalHealth Clinics in outpatient facilities. NYLAG will also train health care professionals in advocacy and in making legal referrals.
Project Start Date: December 2011



$207,000 | 36 Months
New York Presbyterian Hospital

Craig Blinderman
"Nursing and Social Work Champion Program"

This project will develop a training program in palliative care, specifically in the fields of nursing and social work at the uptown campus.
Project Start Date: November 2014



$90,000 | 12 Months
New York University

James Pace
"Healthy Aging Collaboration: A Social Ecology Model – Planning Phase"

This program will provide greater access to healthcare and social services to help seniors residing in university owned housing age in place.
Project Start Date: August 2014



$199,000 | 24 Months
New York University

Tara Cortes
"Phase II Expansion – Enhancing HHC Competencies to Care for Older Adults"

The program will add four hospitals to the NICHE training program in order to improve geriatric health care in the NYC HHC System.
Project Start Date: September 2012



$195,000 | 24 Months
New York University Langone Medical Center

Caroline Blaum
"Geriatric Palliative Care Clinic"

This palliative care clinic will help patients remain at home by providing physical and psychological support, aiding in transitions between care sites, and coordinating care.
Project Start Date: March 2014



$101,000 | 18 Months
New York Women’s Foundation

Ana Oliveira
"65+ Pilot"  

The NYWF will work with specific grantee partners to expand services and programs for older women.
Project Start Date: April 2014 



$148,000 | 24 Months
North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, Inc.
Myra Barginear
"Improving Quality of Life for Older Adults with Cancer: An Outpatient Collaborative Team Model for an Innovative Geriatric Oncology Model”

This program will help meet the needs of older cancer patients by developing a Geriatric Oncology Team, which will serve patients via care assessments, coordinating treatment options, and follow-up visits.

Project Start Date: January 2015 



$150,000 | 24 Months
North Shore-Long Island
Jewish Health System, Inc.
Renee Pekmezaris
"Transitional Care Model Programming: Expanding House Calls to Frail Seniors Recently Discharged From the Hospital”

This program will provide home visits and extended care to seniors for 30 days after hospitalization, in order to improve health outcomes and lower re-hospitalization rates.

Project Start Date: January 2013



$90,000 | 24 Months
Queens Library Foundation

Madlyn Schneider
“Expanding Access to Age Friendly Services”

This program will create and enhance services for older adults at libraries in Queens.

Project Start Date: November 2012



$150,000 | 30 Months
Riverdale Senior Services, Inc.

Julia Schwartz-Leeper
“Integrated Mental Health Services”

This project will develop an integrated system of mental health services at the senior center by providing evaluation and assessment, counseling services in both individual and group settings, as well as educational programs.
Project Start Date: July 2012



$200,000 | 24 Months
St. Barnabas Hospital

Joel A. Sender
“Emergency Department Geriatrics Unit”

This project will create a special geriatrics unit in the Emergency Department in order to improve geriatric care, reduce readmissions, reduce medical complications, and improve length of stay.
Project Start Date: April 2013



$114,000 | 36 Months
Search and Care, Inc.

Susan Siroto
“Enhancing Care for Elders”

This program will add a bi-lingual masters level social worker to enhance care management services.
Project Start Date: November 2013



$163,000 | 18 Months

Nancy Harvey
“Expansion of Mental Health Clinic for Older Adults”

This program will expand its mental health services by adding to social work staff.
Project Start Date: September 2013



$120,000 | 36 Months
United Neighborhood Houses of New York, Inc.

Terry Kaelber
“Older Adults Strengthening Communities Through Food”

This project will modify a current replicable model and best practices for engaging older adults in addressing food access through programs based in senior centers.
Project Start Date: August 2014



$150,000 | 24 Months
Union Settlement Association

David Nocenti
"Social Adult Day Care Program"

This grant will help create an adult social day care program in Harlem.

Project Start Date: June 2013



$155,000 | 18 Months
University Settlement Society of New York

Melissa Aase
"Five-Tiered Mental Health Initiative"

This program will increase seniors’ access to mental health services.

Project Start Date: March 2014



$200,000 | 24 Months
William F. Ryan Community Health Center, Inc.
Charles Shorter
"Improving Access to Older Adults in Central Harlem"

This project will provide direct access to health care services for older adult patients by starting a Geriatric Clinic at the Ryan/Adair Center.
Project Start Date: November 2012





Current Grants

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