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Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders Association, Inc.
Alan Dienstag, PsyD and Mary Mittelman, DrPH
AThe Psychology of Mild Cognitive Impairment@

This project seeks to understand the psychological implications for individuals identified as having mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a condition that occupies the gray area between normal cognitive function and dementia. It will also test the utility of support groups for individuals with MCI.

American Federation for Aging Research, Inc. (AFAR)
Stephanie Lederman
AMedical Student Geriatric Scholars Program@

This program provides a variety of experiences in geriatrics to selected medical students in the New York metropolitan area, encouraging them to consider careers in academic geriatrics. This is a national program sponsored by the Hartford Foundation and the Samuels Foundation provides support specifically for the medical students in the New York area.


American Federation for Aging Research, Inc. (AFAR)
Stephanie Lederman
Support for fall luncheon, AThe Productive Aging Forum@

This grant provided partial support for the November 2, 1999, luncheon conference, AThe Productive Aging Forum,@ that explored how health care research can promote productive aging.


Center for Growing and Becoming
William H. Thomas, MD
AThe Green House: Reinventing the Long-Term Care Environment for the 21st Century@

This is an initial planning grant to support early efforts to develop The Green House, an alternative to the traditional nursing home model. The Green House is envisioned to be:

  • Built on a human scale: small and nurturing
  • Technologically advanced to further quality, safety and economy of operations
  • Integrated into the surrounding community


Coalition of Institutionalized Aged and Disabled, Inc. (CIAD)
Geoff Lieberman
AAssessing Resident Quality of Life: Completion of a Training Video for Nursing Homes@

This grant funds the completion of two training videos to teach nursing home (NH) personnel how to interview residents and run focus groups. Previous work by CIAD showed that focus groups and structured interviews are very effective ways of obtaining information about quality of life concerns from the NH residents.


Cornell University - Weill Medical College
Martha E. Bruce, PhD, MPH
APsychotherapy Intervention for Suicide Risk in Home Care@

This study investigates the effectiveness of a psychosocial intervention to reduce thoughts about suicide and lesson the risk of suicide in elderly home care patients.


Cornell University - Weill Medical College
Joseph J. Fins, MD, FACP
AFrom Contract to Covenant, Part II@

This grant supports the second phase of a project that explores how patients and their proxies regard the proxy relationship: whether as a contractual or covenantal one. The ultimate goal is to help physicians better understand the implication of these differing views of agency so that they may help agents navigate the process of making difficult health care decisions for someone else.

Grantmakers in Aging
Carol Farquhar
AGIA Year 2000 Annual Meeting@

GIA, an educational nonprofit membership organization for staff and trustees of foundations and corporations, is the only national professional organization of grantmakers active in the field of aging. The conference, which focused on creating elder friendly communities, was held in New York City in October 2000.


Grantmakers in Health (GIH)
Catherine E. McDermott
Annual Support

GIH supports the work of staff and trustees of foundations and corporate giving programs in the health field. They work to generate knowledge and communicate information about health issues and grantmaking strategies to help foundations anticipate changes in the nation=s health and health policies and respond to those changes.

Health Research Inc. - State University of New York
Edward Salsberg
AMeeting the Health Care Needs of Nursing Home Residents:
A Study of the Education and Credentialing of Nursing Home Administrators@
This study explores the training and credentialing process for individuals who are, or are studying to become, licensed nursing home administrators (LNHA). The objectives of the study are to: describe the current training; assess the extent to which the current educational requirements are appropriate; identify gaps in the curricula, examine LNHA turnover in New York; and identify the steps that the industry and government might take to assure adequate supply of appropriately trained LNHAs.

Institute for Applied Gerontology, Inc.
Corinne M. Kay Kyriacou, PhD
AAn Evaluation of Elderplan=s Time Dollar Model@

This project is a systematic evaluation of the Metropolitan Jewish Health System=s Social HMO=s Member to Member Time Dollar Program. This twelve-year-old program creates a framework in which people offer informal services to others in the community and bank these Adonations@ over time allowing the donor to become the receiver, if needed. Participants provide care to their peers while simultaneously building trust that compassionate care will be received.

Medicare Rights Center, Inc.
Diane Archer
AMedicare Information Library Outreach@

This grant is designed to bring information about Medicare to New York Cities elderly using the public library system as the vehicle for dissemination.


Mount Sinai Medical Center
Lorraine Mion, PhD RN, Rosanne Leipzig, MD PhD
AGeriatric Education and Research Fund Award@

This grant supports a fund out of which small grants, not to exceed $5000, are made to geriatric fellows and other doctoral students to support their initial research efforts in the field of aging.


New York Academy of Medicine
Alan R. Fleischman, MD
Continuation grant for the AUrban Health Initiative (UHI)@

UHI fosters volunteerism and helps organize community service activities for medical school students at the region’s ten medical schools. For the past seven years UHI has provided technical assistance and support to students to develop volunteer community service projects; promoted networking among the students and the schools, equipped students with the skills and knowledge helpful to serving minority and marginalized populations and worked to institutionalize community service and volunteerism into the fabric of regional medical schools.

New York University
Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN
“Pilot Work on Elder Neglect Study@

This project will test the feasibility of methods and to collect pilot data to validate the reliability of tools that will be used to study the determinates of neglect within the context of the relationship between the elder and his or her caregiver.


New York University School of Medicine
Mary Mittelman, DrPH
AEnhancing the Quality of Life of Patients with Alzheimer=s Disease
and their Adult Children Caregivers@

This project intends to develop and test a psychological intervention to enhance the well being of individuals with moderate level dementia still living at home by improving the quality of visits made to them by their adult children.


Partnership for Caring
Karen Orloff Kaplan, MPH, ScD
ANew Activities and Additional Effort for Choice in Dying's Coordinating
Center for Healthcare Agency and Palliative Care Initiatives"
In 1998 the Foundation initiated a new method of selection and management of grants with an award to Choice in Dying (which has since changed its name to Partnership for Caring or PFC) to operate a Coordinating Center for a program initiative to strengthen the process of health care agency (HCA1). This request is for funding adds several new activities to those originally projected (including the development of a second program initiative in palliative care for those with severe chronic illness, an interventional symposium, begin a 2nd cycle of funding in the original topic area (HCA2), etc).

Picker Institute, Inc.
Virginia Casey, PhD, MPH
AMeasuring the Quality of End of Life Care –
Producing the Video Component of the Toolkit Instruments@

This grant will support the production of an educational video tape as part of the Toolkit project: Development of a Toolkit of Instruments to Measure the Quality of End of Life Care (TIME). The goal of the Toolkit project is to help long term institutions improve the quality of end of life care by incorporating the dying person’s and family perspective into their care. The Picker Institute and the Center for Survey Research at the University of Massachusetts are collaborating on this effort.


Regents of the University of California
Kenneth E. Rosenfeld, MD
AWit Educational Initiative@
This project builds an educational program specifically for medical students and housestaff around local performances of Margaret Edson’s 2000 Pulitzer Prize winning the play Wit. The goal is to use theater to sensitize medical students’ to the experiences of dying patients in order to improve the care they provide to their patients.


Research Foundation of City University of New York
Roberta K. Graziano, DSW
ADeveloping a Social Work Program to Better Serve the Health Needs of the Elderly.@

The Foundation previously funded the development of an MSW curriculum with specific content in aging and geriatric health. This grant supports the implementation and evaluation of this work-study curriculum. It has been designed to enable employees of community agencies serving the elderly in New York City to attain an MSW Degree with a specific course of study entitled “Aging in Health,” while continuing to work.


Research Foundation of State University of New York
Daniel R. Tobin, MD and Ronald W. Toseland, PhD
AAn Evaluation of Advanced Illness Care Coordination Program (AICCP)@
This project will evaluate AICCP, an innovative approach to caring for people with advanced illness. The AICCP promotes peaceful dying by constructing an environment that allows patients to have responsibility (to the extent they wish) for their own dying process. This evaluation is part of a larger research strategy on the effectiveness of the AICCP model; this part will study the feasibility, process of care, and cost of care.

Vera Institute of Justice
Rachel Kramer
Supplementary funding to complete the research for: AImproving the Health
of Families and the Recovery of Drug Addicts: An Evaluation of La Bodega de la Familia.@
This program at La Bodega de la Familia is designed to rehabilitate both substance abusers and their families through family case management (FCM). The evaluation of this program tests the hypothesis that FCM and its supplemental services mitigate the effects of substance abuse on the family.


Yale University
Mark Schlesinger, PhD
AAn Evaluation of the Replication and Dissemination of the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP)@

In 1999 the Foundation funded the development of a training package for Yale’s HELP for the broad dissemination of HELP to other hospitals. This project evaluates the effectiveness of the dissemination and replication strategy for this program. HELP is an innovative model of hospital care that demonstrated in a controlled clinical trial the effectiveness of practical interventions (e.g. therapeutic activities, hearing aids, provider education) to prevent delirium and functional decline in hospitalized patients over 65. This project was co-funded with the Commonwealth Fund.

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